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Since 1984, VPP IOR spread by ORC has showed the power of prediction for sailing boats.

In order to satisfy expectations of even the most demanding projects (including America’s Cup Challenge, oceanic multihulls and list weight open monohull), CRAIN has been using and developing V2P since 1987. This performance prediction programme is designed to be adapted to any type of sailboat and for hydrodynamic and aerodynamic methods of calculus.

A software design which allows safety and flexibility

The design allows us to modify V2P and to extend the application domain easely and safety : each part of boat is modelled as an « object » including its own « method » of calculating the aero hydro gravity loads.

Depending of the design of the boat, it is easy to create the required objects.

A powerful solver for analysis and optimisation

V2P find the motion parameters of the boat :

  • which realise equilibrium between all forces and torques applied by wind, sea and weight. However the user can choose to relax some equilibrium as yaw, sink, or trim…
  • which satisfy some constraint for any parameters defined by the user. Those constraints could be bound by parameters such as heel, sail area, centerboard area or maximisation of parameters such as velocity.

A modelisation of loads selected according to the objectives of the project

The design of V2P allows it to use any type of method of calculus and CRAIN has developped several objects using formulas, CFD results, tank test results or wind tunnel test results.

Application to any kind of sailboat

V2P is used successfully for the performance prediction of any kind of sailboat :

  • Cruising monohull one design or « series »
  • Racing monohull such as IACC, 60’ IMOCIA, IMS, Mega-yacht
  • Cruising multihull
  • Catamarans, trimarans, hydrofoilers for ocean racing

The versatility of V2P provides answers to the most common problems such as speed polar curve calculus, but also solves more difficult problems like first equilibrium in trim, yaw, sink and leeway for a foiler.

V2P has allowed us to study :

  • Canting keel
  • Moveable ballast
  • Rotative wing mast
  • Trim tab and asymmetric appendages

Unquestionable references in every field

  • French IACC since 1992
  • Trimaran 60’ ORMA : FUJICOLOR 4, BPOP 2 et 3
  • Maxi catamaran 130 ‘ : Clud Med & Sister-ships
  • Monohull 60’ IMOCIA : SILL, Ecureuil Poitou-Charentes
  • Mega yacht 130’ MARICHA 3
  • Speed polar curve for cruising boats

Customised services

  • Standard polar curves
  • Optimisation of design parameters
  • Software licensing

Contact our team

  • CRAIN team analyses your problems very carefully in order to propose the most tailored solution
  • CRAIN is equipped to read all types of files that you provide
  • CRAIN is able to guarantee confidentiality for all informations invested by our customers
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